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2021 Tours!!

April 29, 2021- RELIGIOUS  TOUR-($55) (9:00-4:30-5:00??)   

1- CATHOLIC—-ASSUMPTION  GROTTO  (includes Cemetery) Tour Guide- Linda Davis
2- PROTESTANT-HISTORIC  TRINITY (Assumption &  Trinity are both on Gratiot) T.G
3-LUNCH-on Yeman Street -(POLISH  VILLAGE  CAFE)   (STEWART  BUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) 
Kielbasa, Mashed  Potatoes, Stuffed Cabbage, Sour Kraut, Dill Pickle Soup, & Non alcoholic beverage   
          Two sects of Christianity represent most Christians. (Catholic & Protestant) The Buddhist 
          Monastery only allows 30 people for tours.

2-May 11, 2021–DETROIT  CELEBRITY  HOME  TOUR-($50)-(9:00-4:30-5:00)                We will see about 35 homes.—Francis F.Coppola, Marvin Gaye,  Henry Ford, M & M,
Mike Wallace, Mary Wilson.(she just died), Walter P. Reuther, Malcolm X, Jimmy Hoffa, Jimmy          Hoffa, Berry Gordy Jr, (Aretha Franklin, Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross), John Delorean,  John Dodge, Florence Ballard, Robert Wagner, Danny Thomas, George C. Scott, Gilda Radnor, Stevie Wonder,  Dave DeBusschere, Jerome Bettis, Ty Cobb, Ivan Boesky, Ron Leflore, Rudy Tomjanovich, Casey Kasem, Sonny Bono, Carl Levin, Dennis Archer, Elijah  Mohammed

May 27, 2021-TOUR  OF  THE  CULTURE  CENTER  &  DETROIT  HISTORICAL  MUSEUM ($40)(9:00-4:30)        

About 1994  I was going thru a major problem. The issue— Do I move from Grosse  Pointe to Detroit?
         What did I do??   I  DID  MOVE  TO  DETROIT.   TWO  REASONS ————         
1-  THE  CULTURE   CENTER          
In  1993 I had just retired from East Detroit  High School & I was ready to go to Wayne State University to teach Humanities. I figured that I would have more credibility with my students if I lived in Detroit. So, I would like to share the CULTURE  CENTER  & THE  D.H.M.—————-
           I will list some of the sites we will see.———           College of Creative Studies                                   
           International Institute-                                          N’nmdi Center for the Arts
           The Hellenic Museum-                                           Museum of  Contemporary Arts
           The  Scarub Club                                                  DIA-Detroit Institute of Arts
            Science Center                                                    DPL-Detroit  Public  Library                
           Charles H. Wright Museum of African-American M        State Hall-Second Bldg. on Wayne State
           Wayne State Library-First Bldg                                WAYNE  STATE  IS  EVERWHERE!!
           Horace H. Rackham-                                              FINAL  STOP—DHM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
           Plymouth United Church of Christ                           
           Bethel African-Methodist Episcopal) -Richard Allen     
           Paul Lawrence Dunbar Black Hospital-sign gone
           Bertha  Hansbury  Piano Teacher-she died when she was 88, there are 88 keys on the piano,
                               and I  cannot remember the third thing!!

June 8, 2021-$40 (10:00-4:30) We will have a WONDERFUL BREAKFAST!!  Then we go to the STAHL’S  AUTO MUSEUM!! You pay for breakfast. ($30) MUSEUM  IS  FREE!!!!!

We will start off with an  ASTONISHING  LUNCH!! Walk in the door at  Penne Lane & you’ll feel as though you’re in one of the neighborhood bistros in New York City’s Little Italy!!  From a WARM  GREETING to the scents of garlic, lemon, & olive oil coming from the kitchen, you’ll know it’s         AUTHENTIC  ITALIAN!!  Our chef starts early in the morning to make the most delicious, authentic Italian cuisine in all of Michigan. We use only the freshest ingredients & make everything  FROM  SCRATCH!!         From our house-baked bread to hand-made meatballs & classic marinara, even our pasta is made from scratch daily. We have a PASSION  TO  SERVE.   Come experience it!!!!!!!!!!!!! We then move on to the Stahl’s Auto Museum. This is a wonderful chance to view the history of the automobile. The collection includes over 100 makes & models from around the world. We will have 3 hours seeing all of these beautiful cars!!!!!!!! This will be a sellout for sure.  Please get your checks to Stewart as fast as you can.

June  17,  2021-  TRIP  TO   FRANKENMUTH -$50  (9:00-8:30) 

A  BEAUTIFUL  COACH  BUS  WITH  HENRY!!  WILLKOMMEN!!  In German that  means  WELCOME!!  I cannot believe that I have never taken a group    to Frankenmuth. As you can imagine that is about to change! Of course the FOOD is the thing that most    of us think of when I say FRANKENMUTH!  Let’s get started!!          I was listening to WJR radio about a year ago on the Frank Beckman (retired  in March in 2021) show and they were talking about an event at the Heroes Museum at FRANKENMUTH.  That really woke me up!     Let’s go there, enjoy the cousine, (20 total RESTAURANTS!!!) & the other amenities in this charming  town.       The trip begins at 9:00  AM at a Military Museum in Eastpointe (16600  Stephens Rd). FRANKENMUTH was founded  in 1845 by a group of 15 German-Lutheran Missionaries  to teach Christianity to    the Chippewa Tribe. Lots of HISTORY  ON  THIS  TRIP!       The first thing we are going to see is the Historical Museum ($2.00) or FREE  TIME!!  After the Museum,    we will walk to Zehnder”s or the Bavarian Inn for LUNCH. (or another restaurant of your choice) I am going    to list some of the highlights of FRANKENMUTH.———————-

1–Bronner’s- World’s Largest Xmas Store             
2–The Chippewa Indian Memorial
3–Heroes Museum–THEY HONOR VETERANS         
4– Taking a classic horse-drawn carriage ride.
5–Explore FRANKENMUTH  by Boat ($12)              
6–Glockenspiel  Tower (Pied Piper of Hamelin) 6:00-PM
7-Taking it all in on our 16-PERSON   PEDALE  TROLLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Details of trip may change after Stewart drives his car to Frankenmuth in May.
 Historical Museum ($2.00) and Boat trip ($12) will cost extra.


DETROIT  CULTURAL  CENTER  &  THE  DETROIT  HISTORICAL-MUSEUM -(9:00-4:00) ($40)-Twenty five  years ago I had to make a decision about a very important issue.  It  was about me moving from  Grosse Pointe to Detroit?? I  decided to  move to DETROIT!! The overwhelming reason was the  CULTURAL  CENTER!!!! I had  just retired from teaching  high school  at East Detroit High & I was getting  ready to take a position  at Wayne State University Teaching  Humanities!!!! I figured that I would  have more credibility with my students if I would live in DETROIT!! 

1-Sept. 1—Detroit’s  “Underground  Railway  Station”. (NE Corner of State & Griswold)   
2-Sept. 2—French  Pear Tree, Waterworks  Park.   
3-Sept. 6—History of Belle Isle End of Bridge   
4-Sept. 8—Michigan’s First Bank, Northwest corner Randolph & Jefferson  
For people going on tour we will cover all 20 of the sites.  About 4 or 5 people would be involved in those presentations. Some of the people included are: Edsel B. Ford, Ty Cobb, John C. Lodge, &  Judge Arthur J Tuttle. People going on tour will receive a  copy of that “Piece of Paper”!!!!!    REST  OF  THE  SITES–  (we  will  give  you  more  details  on  TOUR  DAY!!!!!!!!!!!)
5-Sept. 9—-Landing   Place  of  First  U.S. Troops in Michigan  
6-Sept.10—-Michigan’s   First  Newspaper  
7-Sept. 11—Michigan’s  First Toll  Gate  
8-Sept. 14—Michigan’s  First  Seat  of  Government
9-Sept. 15—Home  of  Dr,  Douglas  Houghton 
10-Sept.16—Detroit’s  Last  Indian  Massacre 
11-Sept.17—Michigan’s  First  Hospital 
12-Sept.18—Michigan’s  First  Public  School 
13-Sept. 22– Michigan’s  First  Theater 
14-Sept. 23–Michigan’s  First  Baseball  Park 
15-Sept. 24–Detroit’s  First  Whipping  Post 
16-Sept. 25–Michigan’s  First  Railway  Depot 
17-Sept. 27–Last  Home  of  General  John  R  Williams 
18-Sept. 28–Birthplace  of  Ford  Motor  Car 
19-Sept. 29–Michigan’s  First  Capitol  Building 
20-Sept. 30–Detroit’s  First  Federal-Built  Post Office

Alcohol has played a key role for centuries in    Detroit’s business, culture & politics. 

1-BOOZE AND  “BLACK ROBES”–French soldiers and settlers who founded  Detroit had 15  barrels of brandy when they arrived  July 24, 1701. Catholic  Missionaries immediately opposed the French practice of supplying brandy to American Indians. Later, when the British ran Detroit, a government  official  wrote: “The leading chiefs complain that the English are killing their young    men with spirits–They say: they lose more men by rum than they lose by war”

2- WHISKEY  DEMOCRACY-In 1798, an election was held in a Detroit Bar for the Northwest  Territory     Legislature. Opponents charged the winner provided liquor to voters. One of Michigan’s first seats of government was in another drinking establishment, Richard Smythe’s  Tavern, starting in August 1805.

3-HIRING  THE  INEBRIATED: -In the 19th Century, Detroit saloons served as informal union halls especially during strikes.  In 1906, Cadillac Motor Chief Henry Leland and the Board of Commerce wrote that saloons in factory neighborhoods “lessen the efficiency of workmen”!

4- BREWSKI-THE  CRAFT!!   Beer making was an important industry that employed tens of thousands of Detroiters, many of them immigrants, over 150 years. The British, Irish,          Scottish, Germans & Poles were the principal brewers.

 5-HOW  WET  I  AM—-Between  1875 and 1925, saloons were a major political force in Detroit. In some years, more than one-third of the City  Council members were saloon owners or bartenders. Saloon interests controlled many voting districts. The saloon operatives stuffed ballot boxes, corrupted voting rolls & used alcohol in an attempt to sway voters. Even Detroit’s great reform mayor, Hazen Pingree, kicked off his 1889         campaign in Baltimore Red’s bar to quell potentially damaging rumors that he was dry.**

6-PROHIBITION—Detroiters ignored state laws between 1858 & 1867 that banned the sale of alcohol. During that time, the number of Detroit saloons tripled, the number of breweries doubled & the number of distilleries quintupled. (5 times)

7-PROHIBITION -2  Detroiters also flagrantly disobeyed the booze ban between 1918 and 1933.  By 1925, officials estimated the number of blind pigs at 5,000 to 16,000. The New York Times called rum-running Detroit’s second-biggest industry behind cars. The Free Press’ Malcolm Bingay wrote: “It was absolutely impossible to get a drink in Detroit unless you walked at least 10 feet & told a busy bartender what you wanted in a voice loud enough for him to hear you above the uproar”.   

8-THE  DRINKER  CITY-  Detroiters are credited with inventing three drinks. The Hummer       (ice cream, rum, Kahlua); the Bullshot (vodka, bouillon, ice cubes, a wedge of lemon and a       dash of a concoction of  Worcestershire, Tabasco, Angostura bitters, and celery salt) and Cold Duck, a combination of dry California burgundy and New York State champagne.      
By  Bill McGraw


$40-(9:00-4:00)-Twenty-five years ago I had to make a decision about a very important issue.  It was about me moving from  Grosse Pointe to Detroit?? I  decided to move to DETROIT!! The overwhelming reason was the  CULTURAL  CENTER!!!! I had just retired from teaching high school at East Detroit & I was getting ready to take a position at Wayne State University Teaching  Humanities!!!! I figured that I would have more credibility with my students if I would live in DETROIT!! 
       So, I would like to share the CULTURAL  CENTER & the DETROIT  HISTORICAL MUSEUM with you. 

Take the Ford Freeway to John R 
Left on John R  to Kirby (College of Creative Studies) (International Institute)(Historical Marker-HM)
Right on  Kirby to Woodward (HM)                                                                      
The International  Institute was founded by the YWCA in 1919. There were ! 1 of 55 International  Institute’s developed after Edith Terry  Bremer founded the first one.  The Institute helped new arrivals, find  jobs, obtain homes, being citizens, learn English &  acquire  medical care.)  The Hellenie Museum is on Kirby. They are Greek.  Lindell  AC- America’s First Sports Bar
Turn right on Woodward to Ferry (Chartreuse, Wasabi, Park Shelton, Frida, Babo are all on Woodward)
Right on Ferry  to John R  
Right  on  John R  to  Warren Scarub  Club-831-1250
Right  on  Warren to Kirby (Horace H Rackam)
Right on Kirby to John R  Right on  John R  to  Warren 
Left on  Warren  to St. Antoine (Plymouth United Church of Christ) 
Left on St. Antoine to Frederick- (Bethel African-Methodist Episcopal) (Richard Allen) (Walter Ford)
Left on Frederick to John R (Black Hospital)  Piano Player
Left on John R to Warren 
Right on Warren  to  Cass
Right on Cass to  Palmer 
Left on Palmer to Anthony Wayne Drive 
Left on Anthony Wayne Dr to Warren 
Left on Warren to Kirby 
Left on Kirby to Detroit Historical Museum


1- N’namdi Center for the Arts–52 Forest
2- Museum of Contemporary Art    
3-Sri Lankan, Pakistani, Indian, Albasha

Call Stewart at 313-922-1990. Tours leave from Eastpointe. A Military Museum is the departure point on 16600 Stevens Road just one block from Gratiot. Stevens is also known as Nine and a Half Mile Road. The museum has a phone. Its number is       586-872-2581.

Please E-MAIL  me about your questions, comments, etc!!!  I really need to know what you want to do?  Phone-313-922-1990.   Cell–586-218 9042.   I prefer e-mails.


 He has led these 2 tours  about 10 times each! This is his 54thyear

 conducting tours. I taught Social Studies at East Detroit High School for 30 years. (1964-1993)

 From 1994-2001  I taught Humanities at Wayne State University. Of course

 TRAVELLING has also been very important to me. I also have been blessed

  to have  visited all of the states and 142 countries!!! Please send checks to- Stewart  McMillin–2136 Seminole-  Detroit, Michigan  48236  (DO  NOT say Stewart  McMillin  TOURS!!!!!!!!!)