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2020 Tours

NO  TOURS   FOR   THIS   YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We  look  forward  to  2021!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
UPCOMING   TOURS!!!!!!!!!!———–
1 April- 16-19—Underground   Railroad  to  OHIO  &  KENTUCKY–
(Two people-$399 each) (Single $659)
2-May 1–The  ELEANORE &  EDSEL  FORD  Mansion  Tour  &  the  Ford  PIQUETTE  Plant  Tour ($65) (9:00-5:00)
3-June 3– DETROIT  CELEBRITY   HOMES  TOUR -Literature on about 40 homes. 
(9:00-5:00)  ($65)
4- July  22-25- WASHINGTON  D.C. (African-Museum & Frederick Douglas Home) & MARYLAND (Harriet Tubman)                       
(Double Room – $399 Each) (Single–$629)

AUGUST  THRU   OCTOBER   EVENTS  COMING  LATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1- I need to  say a few things  to some people in regards to financial issues.   Please call me 313-922-1990.
2- Please suggest  tours  you  would  like  to  see in 2021!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3-  I am so sorry to have to cancel the rest of the schedule!     Fighting  Covid  19 was just TOO  MUCH!     Of course,  staying  HEALTHY  was a MAJOR  FACTOR!!
4-I  hope  you  will  all  come   back   in  2021!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I  am  going  to  average  a  tour  a  month  so  I  will   NEED  YOUR  SUPPORT!!!  Let  us all  PRAY  FOR  GETTING  RID  OF  GETTING  OF   COVID  19!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5- Let us  all  PRAY  for  the  losses so  many  families  have  SUFFERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6- You  will  also  hear  from me   in  THE  FALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7—-I  LOVE  YOU  ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

STEWART’S    IDEAS  FOR  2021– (First 3 are a GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)-(I just need the people!!!!!)
1- April  16-19, 2021- Underground Railroad  (UGRR) Tour  to OHIO  &  KENTUCKY!!! 
(Two persons pay  $375 each)  (Single person–$629)                           

2- May 1, 2021——-EDSEL  &  ELEANOR  FORD  HOME  &  THE  PIQUETTE  PLANT  TOUR  ($60) (9:00-5:00)                           

(Two people pay $399 each) ($Single $629)
Washington will also includes Arlington Cem.  (Stewart buys Cem!!) etc.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Washington will also include seeing the beautiful       Frederick  Douglas  Home!!


OTHER  IDEAS  FOR  2021—                  

4-Mackinaw City for two nights and go to  MACKINAC  ISLAND!!                  

5-Grand Rapids- one night-(visit Michigan’s second largest city)                  

6-Stahl’s    Automotive   Collection – ($30) (9:30-3:00) In Chesterville.                  

7- Cleveland-2 nights                  

8- NEW  MOTOWN  MUSEUM!!! &  DETROIT  BLACK  HISTORY TOUR – ($60) (9:00-5:30)  
9-WOODWARD  AVE. WALKING  TOUR-($20)(9:30-3:00) Park your car on Top of Cobo** Hall & 
walk to the corner of Jefferson & Woodward. The City-County Building is now the Coleman Young Building. Meet in front of the Spirit of Detroit  which was the work of Marshall Fredericks. If it is raining, go inside. If the weather looks like rain, please bring your umbrella. We are going to walk to the area of Comerica Park on the east side of Woodward.  When it is time for lunch we will let you do what you want. After lunch, we will walk down the west side of Woodward to the** TCF Center-Detroit News  (used to be Cobo Hall)  If there is time and interest we can do Hart Plaza!!
10- PEOPLE  MOVER  TOUR- ($20) (9:30-3:00) Park your car on top of Cobo Hall  (TCF  Center          Detroit News). There is an elevator in  Cobo. Take the elevator to the People Mover down.                        We will get on the  People  Mover (PM) at Cobo & visit every station. (12 or 13)  We will speak about the area. We will meet at the  PM Station in  Cobo Hall at 9:20.  More details later on.
11-CHICAGO- -2-4 night???????–YES –CHICAGO!!!!!!!

Please E-MAIL  me about your questions, comments, etc!!!  I really need to know what you want to do?  Phone-313-922-1990.   Cell–586-218 9042.   I prefer e-mails.


 He has led these 2 tours  about 10 times each! This is his 54thyear

 conducting tours. I taught Social Studies at East Detroit High School for 30 years. (1964-1993)

 From 1994-2001  I taught Humanities at Wayne State University. Of course

 TRAVELLING has also been very important to me. I also have been blessed

  to have  visited all of the states and 142 countries!!! Please send checks to- Stewart  McMillin–2136 Seminole-  Detroit, Michigan  48236  (DO  NOT say Stewart  McMillin  TOURS!!!!!!!!!)