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2019 Tours

2019 Money for all tours must be in Stewart’s hands 6 WEEKS BEFORE TRIP! (Except for the MAY 9 & MAY 23 TRIP)

AUG 2-5 Trip – (Deposit $100-June 1) (Balance $259—- July 1)———-Single-$649

SEPT.1-3-TRIP-(Deposit $100-July 1) (Balance $149–July 25)———Single-$479

May 9-(9:00-4:30)-($40) BLACK HISTORY TOUR-Tour will feature Negro League Baseball not only at Mack & Fairview, but the park in Hamtramck WHICH WE HOPE TO SEE TODAY!! On the way we will go by many Black Historic Markers including Ossian Sweet, Black Bottom, etc, We also will include the one & only Tyree Guyton & his Heidelberg Project.

About lunch time we will go to Steve’s Soul Food where we enjoy his yummy cafeteria style LUNCH! Atmosphere is rare here! After lunch we go by Hart Plaza, (George DeBaptiste) the Civil War Monument, Finney’s Barn, etc, & head for the Historical Museum. We will learn a lot about the UGRR there. We then go to the corner of E. Grand Blvd. & Woodward to meet Hamissi MAMBA from Burundi. His restaurant will be named the Baobab.(tree)(restaurant will not be open)We will speak with him. After that we will go to Hamtramck to see where the Negro League played.

May 23-(9:00-4:30 or 5:00($40)Detroit BOOMTOWN TOUR. You will not believe how many sites you are going to see. Last year I said 500! This year I am thinking more than 600 places may be on the agenda! Many of these sites will be included in the 8-10 page handout that you will receive & TAKE HOME AT THE END OF THE TOUR!!!!!!!!!!! We will eat at your choice of various places on Michigan Ave. in CORKTOWN! They are: Nemo’s (sports bar), Ottava Via (Upscale), McShanes (not upscale-but good) Bucharest (very popular), IMA(#1), Gold Cash Gold, Slows (VERY POPULAR), Mercury Bar-good old fashioned burgers–but not cheap!!!

July 11-Detroit & Hamtramck Tour-(9:00-4:30 or 5:00) ($70) This tour features POLISH CHURCH’S, & their History & Culture. We leave the Military Museum at 9:00 & visit ST. ALBERTUS & SWEETEST HEART OF MARY CHURCH. St. Albertus is the oldest Polish Church in Michigan. & Sweetest Heart is the most BEAUTIFUL Church in Detroit.

We then drive to Hamtramck & visit the HOLY CROSS POLISH NATIONAL. After talking to the priest there today I have decided to eat at their church. The church is very interesting. Priests can marry!!! We may eat some of the following: roast pork, stuffed cabbage, schnitzels, smoked kielbasa, pierogi, & dill pickle soup!! About 1:35 we will go and see Greg KOWALSLKI!!! He will take us on a tour of ST. FLORIAN CHURCH!!!!!!! He is known by many as MR. HAMTRAMCK!! Author of many books about Hamtramck, including his latest book—————-HAMTRAMCK & ITS BARS!!!!! Greg will also be with us when we visit the Hamtramck Historical Museum. We will then visit Joan & the POLISH CULTURE Center. Hamtramck has also many other ethnic groups Ukraine, Yeman, Bosnia, Bangladesh are some of them. (I have been to all of those places) The high school has about 20 different languages!!!!!!!!!

AUG.2-5- UGRR*Tour to Ohio & Kentucky.Dbl.Room $359 each,One-$649

AUG. 2– FRI.-This tour covers two complete pages!!! Only a small part of that will be here. If you want you can call Stewart for those two pages!!!

In Ohio we may visit Paul Lawrence Dunbar home in Dayton(famous poet). Wilberforce, (British politician who got who got rid of slavery in England about 30 years before the US–we will see movie on the bus!!!!!!!!)We will also see the Wilberforce Museum. Next we will view a home where the Quakers who were abolitionists built a hiding place for fugitives.(amazing!)

AUG. 3-SAT.-Our first highlight today is Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnatti (“Cinci”). Home for a famous abolitionist. He was Supreme Court Justice Samuel Chase. Our first stop today is the home of Harriet Beecher Stowe in “Cinci”. She started writing her book: UNCLE TOM’S CABIN here. (2nd best seller in the world). Our next stop will be eating lunch on the banks of the Ohio River. Next is one of the highlights of the trip & your life!!- THE FREEDOM CENTER. You will never forget the sight of the SLAVE “PEN”!!!. After this we will learn about Margaret Garner. I saw the Opera in Detroit about her life.(David DiCheria)

AUG. 4-In the AM we will see sights between “Cinci” & Ripley. In RIPLEY we will climb a hill that the “enslaved”people braved! We will learn about John Rankin, John Parker, etc. We will tour both of their homes. We then board the bus, drive to Ky, & Stewart will give a walking tour of Maysville. Late in the day Stewart will lead another tour of Washington, Kentucky. Washington-Ky-where Harriet Beecher Stowe SAW slaves being sold!!!!

AUG. 5-Today we tour Augusta. (includes boatride on the Ohio R.) We then leave for a Ponderosa in Hillsboro, Ohio. Then we learn about the Wellington “Raid”. Next we learn about OBERLIN & their amazing alumni!! I hope we are home by 9:00 PM.

2- Sandwich Church (we will be in that Church for a Sunday SERVICE!)

3- Lunch on your own in Amherstburg. Next we see Amherstburg Museum.

4-Chatham -(Frederick Douglas & John Brown met here) Two nights in a Super 8 Motel will be wonderful!

5-North Buxton Annual Reunion! (Featuring a small town PARADE!!)

6-Uncle Tom’s Cabin.(Dresden, Ontario) Josiah Henson was “Uncle Tom”!

7- John Walls- (he has an incredible story-go on tour & find out!!!!!!!!!! )


Oct. 23-Tour to Chelsea, Ann Arbor & Ypsilanti)!!$80) 9-7:45 This charming town west of Ann Arbor is a pure delight! We will go to Chelsea & see a play at the Purple Rose Theater. (Stewart is buying tickets-about $40) We will eat lunch there (on your own) & will tour the Jiffy Mix Milling Co. We then leave Chelsea & do a drive-by of Ann Arbor. We will at least see the“BIG HOUSE”! In Ypsi we will go to the Sidetrack Bar & Grill, enjoy terrific dinner, (on your own) & a “to die for” Strawberry DESSERT! Jeff Daniels is doing the play: To Kill a Mockingbird in NY in 2019.

Oct. 26-Tour the two oldest cemeteries in DETROIT- Mt. Elliott & Elmwood.

($15) Meet at Elmwood at 8:45 AM. Call Stewart at 313-922-1990


*UGRR- Underground Railroad-website-www.mcmillintours.com—Cell-586-218-9042

* It is advised to take TRAVEL INSURANCE – Travel Guard Insurance—THEIR  PHONE  NUMBER IS—1-866-877-3240.